iPhone is not updating.

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    Hi all. My iPhone 4S isn't updating to version 5.1.

    I tried to update by the phone, and it timed out.
    I connected it to iTunes, and the phone will not connect to the server (it keeps timing out).

    I tried to restore my phone and the same thing happened, it still could not connect.

    Any idea why this is happening?

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    Mar 1, 2012
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  3. chris24pc macrumors newbie

    Mar 14, 2012
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    iphone not updating

    I'm brand new to iPhone 4s and iMac 21.5. Just converted from Windows pc and Nokia n8. I am familiar with iTunes however.
    I connected iphone and opened up iTunes. It told me update available but it would not connect with update server. Exactly the same thing happened with my iPad 1
    I tried updating the phone using the 3G network but it just timed out. I assumed this was because I was at home and 3 carrier signal not very strong.
    When I contacted Apple very helpful advisor told me it was because my Sky Netgear router needed the firmware updating as it was too old to support Apple software updater server
    I contacted Sky and they agreed and have sent me a new router.
    The router has not arrived yet but I just plugged the phone in and opened itunes
    and instead of ignoring the software update window I clicked on 'download and install'. Guess what? it did it. It took almost 30 minutes but all went well.
    I was so pleased I plugged my iPad in and it too allowed me to update the software
    I'll still install the new router as my Netgear is ancient
    So, keep trying the normal iTunes updater and you may get lucky like me. I don't know why mine suddenly worked. I haven't altered anything as I was waiting for the new router. Anyone got any ideas?
    PS. No going back to a pc, I am converted

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