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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Ferris23, Aug 2, 2010.

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    I've been an iPhone user since 3G and got my iPhone 4 on the 23rd but that doesn't make me an loyal iPhone user. I like variety with my gadgets, so last night I happened to find a Droid X at a random Wal-Mart in a small town by me, no one else within hours of my city had one in stock. Couldn't believe I found it actually.

    Anyway, while I like the Droid X so far, it really is making me appreciate the amazing design of the iPhone 4.

    It is VERY nice having a huge screen to work with, and it does dwarf the iPhone 4's screen. At first when you go from the Droid X to the iPhone, it's almost silly how small the iPhone 4 looks and feels. The screen just looks tiny and the smal size of the phone becomes remarkable.

    However once you readjust to the smaller screen size, it's business as usual and I honestly don't feel like I miss the real estate.

    For a phone, and a mobile/protable device, I feel the iPhone 4 is really the perfect size.

    If anything I hope Apple sticks with the size and just utilizes the black borders better on the next revision for a bigger screen, but not at the cost of a bigger phone.


    Surprisingly the Droid X actually feels really good in the hand (though I do have large hands as I'm 6'2") but it really is a beast.

    Both platforms are really nice to use and I'm enjoying the openness and ability to customize (tinker) Android, but it too has made me appreciate just how clean and polished iOS is.

    Cool story bro?

    I think so. Go grab your iPhone and give it a squeeze, it really is a beautiful little device.
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    For mass-market (men, women, teens, tweens) the iPhone is probably sized as close to perfect as it can get.

    But I've got medium to large mitts and wouldn't mind a 4-4.3" screen so long as it had iPhone 4 resolution.
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    I agree. Then again, I am a female with small hands. I'd like them to make the screen larger without sacrificing the size. Only way I'd see that happening is by minimizing the black space.
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    That's because the Droid x is not that much wider then the iPhone. It is (as shown in the picture) a bit longer.

    I have a droid x, and have not thought it ungainly large, in fact, the larger size does have advantages, like viewing videos, and typing. I can't imagine going back to a smaller form factor after using this phone.

    FWIW, my hands are probably in the medium size range and I have no problem holding the phone.

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    I'm a Mike as well. :)

    No you're right, as large as it is, it's not ridiculous and is very usable. But it is large and in charge that's for sure. Going from an iPhone 4 to the Droid X and back again is extreme in both instances though. It makes the Droid X feel huge and the iPhone 4 feel really small.

    I can easily adjust to the iPhones screen though, as cramped as it feels at first after switching back, in no time I'm readjusted and just as productive. It just takes a different focus or something.

    I got the Droid X for variety, there are times I will want the small size of the iPhone but other times I will want the large screen on the Droid X.

    The large screen is a very nice feature, there's no doubt about it. But like I said, feeling the iPhone really just makes me appreciate the design, for it's size it's just very well built and so refined. Though Motorola deserves credit for cramming so much screen into a phone while keeping it nice and thin. It's larger than the Evo, but thinner so it feels better to my hand.

    Any suggestions on what I should do with this DX off the bat as a sort of new Droid user? I have a Droid Eris for work but never bothered to mess with it as I found it too slow.

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