iPhone : Is this thing going to get Burn-In?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bryanc28, Aug 30, 2017.

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    It's supposed to have AMOLED/OLED? screens? Why the heck is Apple going with those? Burn-in on these screens is bad...
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    Show me a flagship device with burn in issue that has had a wide impact.
  3. Relentless Power, Aug 30, 2017
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    Relentless Power

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    Image retention (Burn-In) moves pixels with the information displayed By rotating the pixels from being static. The only pixels not rotated are the ones that are turned off to display a true black.
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    The Note 7 had some pretty serious burn in/burn up issues...

    I think Apple can solve any burn in issues using pixel movement or some other technique. We'll see soon enough.
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    I've had OLED phones for awhile now and never had any burn in at all. Nor have I read it being a large problem.
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    just don't leave your screen on for 12 hrs at a time
  7. off_piste, Aug 30, 2017
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    I agree that burn-in, if it occurs, is bad. There is not a widespread issue with burn-in though. There may be occasional bad batches, one-off users doing something stupid, etc. but there's not cause for concern like years ago when plasmas were first rolling out on tvs. I used to fill an SD card with color image slides and play it for 100+ hours to ensure I didn't get burn-in, and I didn't. Image/Pixel shifting has really helped with this.
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    I remember the iPad mini 2. The image retention was really widespread on that device. And then there was the MacBook Pros that also suffered from it.

    I know this is LED vs OLED, but if history has anything to say Apple might not care too much about it.
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    This is from the manual for Sony's $30,000 X300 OLED monitor:

    'On Burn-in

    Due to the characteristics of the material used in the OLED panel, permanent burn-in or reduction in brightness may occur. These problems are not a malfunction.

    Images that may cause burn-in
    - Still images in the HDR display
    - Masked images with aspect ratios other than 17:9
    - Color bars or images that remain static for a long time
    - Character or message displays that indicate settings or the operating state
    - On-screen displays such as center markers or area markers
    - Images with a frame (including Multi-View displays)'

    It is well-known that OLED displays have per-(sub)pixel aging characteristics. OLED TVs often have technology to mitigate against this. In order of importance:

    1) A compensation cycle that operates in standby. I'm not sure if that's practical on phones, but all consumer OLED TVs offer this.

    2) Automatic dimming of bright static parts of an image.

    3) Pixel-shifting. This is not a very effective approach and usually operates in tandem with overscan.

    RGB OLED can suffer from a colour shift over time due to the relatively short lifespan of the blue emitter material. RGBW WOLED (as used in LGD panel TVs) is more resistant to this.

    It will be very interesting to find out what the situation is in regards to Apple's OLED phones. As this technology develops manufacturers may be able to better deal with the aging issues. Maybe Apple have come up with something.
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    It comes shipped with burn in. Look at that big black notch at the top of the screen. Thats burn in
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    lol.. made my day.
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    What issues along this line has the AMOLED Apple Watches been having?

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