Iphone/Itunes file nightmare (Other space ~ Music space!)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Derek87, Mar 23, 2011.

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    ok, i'm going to try to keep this short, but i'm terribly frustrated right now. in the efforts to track down and rid myself of the nasty 4.3 battery drain bug, i decided to do a "restore to factory" of my iphone and then rebuild from backup.

    when i did so, my phone ran out of space when it previously had 4-5 gb free space (32gb model). i've combed this site and the web to find solutions. most suggest that its some "orphaned files" that got lost in a partial sync. but my problem seems different that one others have noted previously.

    anyway, i thought i could solve it by removing the music and rebuilding the playlist again (having also wiped out the music directory structure using a tool like DiskAid), but that's just as bad:

    - as i add album by album new music, i see the space usage go up on the "other" category as much as it does for "audio/music." what the?

    i haven't seen any comment about this in particular, let alone a solution! anyone else encountered this? any fix?

    is this a problem with 4.3? 10.2.1 itunes? (i'm starting to have issues with my ipod touch too which was syncing last night to get a couple of apps and it ran out of space too -- it too is running 4.3

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    I found plenty pf hits on "other space", this is just the first link.

    Here are some more.....Other Space
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    Thanks. I read all (?) of those previous threads, but as I noted, my problem presents a new wrinkle. Even w cleaning out the music directory, I get the problem coming back when I reads back my music.

    More troubleshooting shows that only certain songs/albums create exta Other usage. :(

    Anyone seen this particular problem? Solution?

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