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    Sep 20, 2008
    So I've purchased a copy of Snow Lepoard. Yay for me.

    I plan to do a clean install of SN (not an upgrade) so my system is minty fresh.

    I've got 3 iPhones all associated to the iTunes library. I fear that after I do the clean install and attempt to sync my iPhone(s) to fresh copy of itunes it will say something stupid like "Your Jesus phone can only be synced to one itunes library at a time. If you sync to this itunes all your bases belong to us. (and you will lose everything already on your phone)"

    How can I backup my itunes library so that I wont have to get the "all your bases belong to us" message when I sync my phones into the fresh copy of iTunes?

    Thanks homies.

    Word to your mother (and sister too!)

    Joe. :cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    When you backup your files, make sure to just put them back where they belong. In this case, make sure that your iTunes folder (located within your Music folder) is backed up. After the installation, put the iTunes folder right back in the new Music folder, and open iTunes.

    The Library will update, and everything will look and work the exact same way as it did before. Even with your Jesus phone.

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