Iphone, keeps restarting.

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    I am new to this forum, rather cause I need some help at an active forum. Well here I start:

    I have this Iphone 3G 16 GB, which I've connected to the pc, then suddenly 2 days later it kept rebooting, till it went off(I didn't came further then the Apple screen). Now, I have tried everything possible, I really searched google alot. Here are the things I've tried.

    I have first tried to restore the phone. Everything went successful:

    Could place it in all modes(recovery, DFU). Then restored it via Itunes. Whole restore was successful. First it installed, then it rebooted and checked or something, then rebooted and it started continuously rebooting

    Restoring the Phone in Recovery mode(could enter recovery mode). - No success. Kept rebooting.

    Restoring the Phone in DFU Mode(Black screen, but Itunes found it as restore mode), no success either(Same results as Recovery mode, So it kept rebooting).

    Charging it whole night on DFU mode and a whole night on Recovery mode, then Restoring it. No success either.

    My idea's are pretty gone now, thats why I ask for some help here.

    I have just one idea left which is, that the battery might be broken. I think it might not deliver enough juice to enter Ios. Still even when it is connected to a charger it crashes.

    So the point is, I can do everything, Restore it in both modes.

    I hope someone can help me out here, would be well appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


    EDIT: I have something to add: Sometimes when I try to boot the iphone, the background turns off, and the pixels are kinda burned in and fade away(I still see the apple while it has turned off). These burned pixels fade away after like 10 seconds. I think its some kind of crash at that moment.
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    Yea, well I was hoping to not hear that. I think the battery is broke..


    I've opened the Iphone, and found that Connector 3's housing was bad(the plastic is broken), still I can push it in, but it wont hold to much, I re connected all connectors, and suddenly, My Iphone worked! next problem was; The touchscreen didn't work.. Well even that I got solved, but then I placed back the screen and it crashed again.. My question is.. Does the Iphone work without connecting connector 3?

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