iPhone keeps reverting to docking station mode!

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    Jan 30, 2012
    Sooo, when I am listening to music on my iphone with or without headphones, the music periodically cuts out and the volume bar disappears just like it would if it was connected to an fm transmitter or in docking station mode. I've tried re-installing the software and all of that and I finally went to the apple store, where the guy said that it appeared as if there was a short in the circuitry (mainly because whenever he inserted a brush into the usb dock, the volume bar would flicker on and off as the brush moved). However, I am out of warranty, so I could not get a new phone. Is there some way I could fix this myself. I'm really hoping that there is some software trick that I could use to disable the docking station mode or something, even if this means I'd have to jailbreak my phone. However, if you have ANY ideas (even ones that mean some limited (I'm not an electrical engineer, so it definitely has to be limited) tampering with the hardware) I would love to hear from you. Thanks for any and all help!
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    3GS or iPhone 4? The docking port is fairly easy to replace I'd say a 3/10. Cheap on eBay too.

    First thing I would do tho would blow out the bock port with compressed air. The dock mode as you call it is activated by applying resistance to one pin so it must be shorting.

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