Iphone keeps shutting off, wrong date & time, battery meter wrong? Please help :)

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    Jul 31, 2011
    Hi All,
    I am in desperate need of some advice! I dropped my unlocked iPhone 2g :( At first it was totally fine, the next morning it shut off with about 60% battery left, so I plugged in the charger and it worked. Later on that night, it shut off again and when turned on the time and date were way off. So, the next day, I plugged it into Itunes and the time and date were fixed. It still keeps shutting off, however the battery meter never gets to below 50%. I occasionally get the safe mode screen that says springboard has crashed. I have to carry around my charger constantly just to turn it back on. Is this a battery issue even though the battery meter says it has ~50% left? Do you think there's any way to save the phone? I haven't set it to factory default because I'm worried I wont be able to lock it again..

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! :)
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    Me Too

    How funny. Same exact problem for me. It happened bout 2 months ago and I was just gonna chunk it and wait for iphone 5 to come out, but with all the dang delays I decided (this morning) to try and fix it. I have a iphone 2g that had been unlocked/jailbroken. I do not remember the software I used initially. Well, leaving the phone as it is (no restore or anything in itunes), I downloaded software from whited00r. It is an unlocking program that included iso4 STYLE firmware, so the screen and apps mimic the 4. I just downloaded the program, followed the instructions and as of yet (fingers crossed) no problem. Keep in mind I did this this morning. I think it's a software error, based on the solution. Give it a shot, it can't hurt, I suppose. Lemme know how it goes.
    Ok, i just realized you said you dropped it...I don't believe I ever dropped mine, so I'm not sure if this will help. Sorry!
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    Jun 20, 2010
    Post #9 in this thread has links to very thorough tutorials for JB/unlocking the 2G.

    You CAN'T lose your unlock on these, they are permanently exploitable. So try a restore as new, following these instructions, and see if that fixes anything. If not, you may have damaged it with that drop, and will need to take it to a repair facility for further assessment.

    Also, if you haven't already done so, plug it into the wall charger, not a USB port on the computer. Can't hurt, and it's a lot more effective at fully charging the device.
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    Its obvious that when you dropped your phone you have unsettled something within it.

    If its under warranty book an appointment with an apple genius.
    If theres no obvious damage on the casing when you dropped it then you would not be lying by not divulging that it was dropped !

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