"iPhone library" is not a folder?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Orawalie, Mar 8, 2009.

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    I started using Leopard only several weeks ago and found out that when I go to home->pictures->iPhoto library, it's not a folder any more. When I double click it it opens iPhoto program. This way I can't go into my iPhoto library in Finder and open individual pictures. I don't even know how to attache multiple pictures in an email.

    I don't know if I described it clear but was wondering if I could access individual picture files if they are in the iPhoto library.

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    If your iPhoto Library is organised into folders, just type the folder title into Spotlight.
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    Right click on it and select Show Package Contents.
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    iPhoto's library is not designed for the user to go digging around in. Use iPhoto to attach & email pictures (very easy) or to export individual pictures.

    But editing/altering items within the iPhoto Library package is a good way to break your iPhoto library.

    If you prefer to do things manually like that, try Google's Picasa instead.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    How would you attach iPhoto pictures in an email using, say, gmail?
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    Since you are using Leopard, you can attach anything from iPhoto easily. If you're using the Gmail website, when you click on the attach file button in your email, in the left sidebar towards the bottom is a section called "Media". Here you will see Music, Photos, and Movies as options. Clicking Photos allows you to browse through your Photo Booth pictures and your iPhoto Library without the need to go through the actual iPhoto Library Package in your Pictures folder. You can browse that library by Events, Photos, or Albums that you've made and easily find the picture you want to attach. No need to go through the iPhoto Library package manually.
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    Older versions of iPhoto used a directory instead of a package. And everyone and their Mom would go in that directory structure to get access to their photos directly. Making it into a package helped prevent Newbies from hacking away and making iPhoto unstable. I have not heard of horror stories with iPhoto since packages were implemented in newer versions of iPhoto.

    I really like the concept of packages. It keeps things clean. Especially with Apps.
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