iPhone line-in cable?

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    Sep 19, 2008
    ok, let's see if i can explain what i'm trying to do.

    i want to be able to record into my iphone. but, i want to use the 3.5mm insert so i can connect it to, say, the line-out on a mixer or (in my case) the line-out of my line 6 pod so i can have quality recordings instead of recording 'over the air.'

    does anyone know if there's such a cable compatible with the iphone to do such a thing? looking at the included iphone headset, it looks like there are three white stripes on the jack whereas on a stereo cable there are only two. is the third stripe the microphone line-in???
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    Sep 19, 2008
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    Sep 29, 2008
    I did this with $ony phone i had once. you need to find out what part of the jack is the mic. There are 3 actual parts on this, end middle and base. if i recall correctly is is the one closest to the base (plastic). I lost my iphone headset other wise i would test if for you. If you dont use you head set you could pull back the plastic by the mic and use a continuity tester on it so find out what part of the plug leads to the mic. but the mic is mono so your recording from the mixer is still going to sound like crap. you could just goto radio shack and get end you need for you mixer and some wire and the 3 part headphone jack. at most it will take you 3 tries to find out which one is the mic might get lucky and find it on the first try.
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    you're really not going to get that much better quality anyway since its a MIC IN and not a line in.
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    You're right about the plug supporting a mich (ie headphones with a mic for hands free calls).

    Not sure about the impedance though, and I can't imagine the quality is good.

    Plus as far as I know none of the voice recorder apps with record via this input anyway.
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    Apr 19, 2008
    iPhone can do inline recordings

    I can confirm that [my] iPhone 3G can record with an inline source, however it is not reliable.

    The wire setup is basically from this webpage:

    ...but I don't have the mixing board. I tested it by recording the audio out running from my computer into the Mini AV cable (computer -> 1/8" male to rca male -> Mini AV cable -> iPhone). I opened up Voice Recorder on the iPhone and sure enough, the meter was registering the music I was playing.

    Now the caveat: it doesn't always work. After a recording, going back to the mic screen on Voice Recorder, the meter is not picking up anything for an unknown reason. I can plug in the Mini AV cable input in and out and sometimes the phone will pick up the signal, other times not.
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