iPhone Losing Connection (& Battery Issues)

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    My iPhone 3G has been randomly having issues ever since I got it last month. The first thing I've noticed (which has been happening more and more lately the last 2 or 3 days) is my phone will completely disconnect itself from the network. The service bar will be on the lowest bar and I'll have no Edge connectivity but when I press the home button to see if I have any new messages or see what time it is etc the phone will reconnect to full service and Edge and I'll get all my texts at once.

    The second is once my battery gets to about half charge every once in awhile it will pop up the critical battery screen saying it needs to be charged (the one with the red battery showing the charge screen once the phone gets dead) and then I have to press the home button 3 or 4 times to get it to go back to the home screen. And the battery icon in the top right will have half a battery still and the phone goes for hours...

    How common is this because I'd really not like to miss my messages if at all possible. I think I'm barely outside my 30 day window but if the genius bar will replace it I can try to take it back...
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    If you take it to the Genius Bar, they will tell you to restore it and it will be a wasted trip. Try a restore first, if that doesn't work, try a restore without a backup. If you are jailbroken, restore before you take it into the Apple Store because they will not service a jailbroken and/or unlocked iPhone.

    The connectivity issue is discussed all the time here. Try ejecting the SIM Card with the SIM Tray ejection tool. Then replace it firmly on the tray and slide it back into the iPhone.


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