iPhone Love: Evacuating for Hurricane Gustav


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Oct 5, 2007
Hello all, Just wanted to give a little praise for my iphone 3g.

I am a native New Orleanean, and recently returned home from our mandatory evacuation from hurricane Gustav. Now being heavily affected by hurricane Katrina, I didn't think twice about evacuating, but I couldn't help but remember how rough the evacuation process is on our wallets and our minds. The process for Katrina was a mess, with the late evacuation, the confusion about the contra-flow interstate system, and the cell providers being slammed, and not being able to communicate with loved ones before and after the storm. One of the most stressful aspects of leaving everything you own is, " where will I go?" And without a computer or cell service, this becomes very stressful.

Well for Katrina, we drove all day and all night stopping at every hotel and motel searching for vacancy, before finding a place that only had limited accommodations for us.

This time, I felt so well connected with my iPhone 3g in hand. I was able to continuously track the storm via weatherunderground, I was able to locate and call hotels as I drove, and most of all it was so great to be able to use the Gps to locate shelters, gas stations, etc.

I felt that this device helped me to keep sane in a time when it is easy to loose your mind, and for that I would like to finally give it a little praise for once on this forum.

Luckily we were fortunate with this storm, and received little damage to our home and belongings. Our power was restored yesterday, and out sewerage and water systems seem to be be holding up, so all is well.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to describe a little bit how the lack of communication can really hinder the evacuation process.

Van Wildonher

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Apr 29, 2008
Cool, I used my iPhone while evacuating from Gustav too. Too bad some numbnuts decided to rear end my rental car during the evac. :mad: iPhone worked out pretty well for finding where to go in strange cities though.


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Jul 19, 2004
Orange County, CA
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That's a really cool story, it's great I see the type of potential that the iPhone has during a time of crisis.

Access to not only your phone contacts but email, web browse and GPS. During the last earthquake in California cell communications were overloaded and I was able to communicate via email, and it's great having a tool that can do all!