iPhone Mail app + Gmail passwords = No longer works

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by PaperQueen, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Thanks to (fill in your favorite explative) Heartbleed, I've spent the entire day resetting passwords on dozens of sites / accounts, between work and personal, including two Gmail IMAP accounts.

    Afterward, I went to my phone, Settings > Mail, replaced the passwords, then...got this:

    Cannot Get Mail
    The user name or password for "imap.gmail.com" is incorrect.

    I logged into both accounts on the MBA, via Chrome. Worked fine.

    Tried them in the (wildly inconvenient) Gmail app on my phone. Again, they work fine.

    Same for Mail on the MBA. The new passwords are definitely correct.

    Here's what else I've tried:

    1. Re-entered both the user names and new passwords into the phone's Settings > Mail panels...ten times

    2. Powered the phone all the way off, then back on

    3. Deleted both Gmail accounts from the phone completely, then re-added them

    4. Had someone else delete the Gmail accounts, then re-add them

    5. Deleted both accounts from the phone (again), then re-entered them using the "Other" button instead of the "Google" button provided during the set up process

    6. Deleted both accounts from the phone again, then manually removed the existing Gmail servers from the Servers list. Powered phone off/on, the tried adding accounts back into Settings > Mail.

    Nothing works. I'm so far past p****ed, it's not even funny.

    Anyone have some insight into this fiasco?
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    Aug 16, 2007
    Just this side of insanity (Minneapolis)

    Arghhhhhhh...figured out the culprit. Two step verification.

    For those of you who think updating your password will work, it won't, if you have two step turned on for that specific email account. I had to do the following to make things work:

    1. Log into Google using your Gmail account credentials

    2. Account > Security > 2-step Verification > Settings

    3. Re-enter your password when asked

    4. Click the App Specific Passwords tab

    5. Manage application-specific passwords

    6. Ignore the "Step 1 of 2" part, and skip to the section below it

    7. Revoke the original password for your mobile device

    8. Go back to "Step 1 of 2," then name and generate a NEW password

    9. Enter it into the password field for the email account on your phone (you might need to enter it more than once...I had to enter one of them twice, the other three times)


    Definitely not intuitive, but Apple and Google don't exactly want to "play nice" all the time.

    Hope that helps someone else out there....what a pain in the patoot.

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