Iphone mailbox behaviours on accounts differ ??

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    Nov 27, 2009
    :(:confused:Hi ive set up a 2nd acount o my iphone and the first acount just lists under accounts 3 boxes, pretty clear inbox, sent and trash thats ok. 2nd acount ive set up shows inbox (pic of inbox), drafts (folder over corner piece of paper), sent , trash (paperplane) and Trash with (watebin pic) that i can handle but then theres 5 more headings all showing a pic of a folder and they are titled deleted messages, drafts, spam, trash and sent messages.

    How can i get the 2nd acount to look like my first with the three options as mentioned earlier and why has this 2nd acount configured like this ive done nothing different? Pretty confused. Also when i click on them nothing shows up in any of them and along the very bottom of the phone in pale grey it reads 1 unsent item and i dont have any unsent mail from this account. ive had a look at advanced settings in first account and it just reads deleted messages or incoming settings but under second account advanced option it reads diffently mailboxes behaviours then under that says drafts mailbox on my iphone sent mailbox sent and deleted mailbox on my iphone then the other greay headings deleted messages and the finally incoming settings. How do i change my mailbox behaviours to be the same. If i click on the behaviours itjust seems to keep adding more to the list - am really confused and grateful for some help thankyou.
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    What are the accounts? It sounds like you have an IMAP account for one, which will exhibit the same behavior as the server, and the other one is not an IMAP.

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