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    Jun 13, 2008
    Ok so i should mention i live in canada and bought an iphone off ebay which is basically the only way to get one here. Now my problem is when ppl call me i can hear them but they cant hear me, i tried putting it on speakerphone but they still cant hear me. The speaker works fine because all the sounds the phone make work and audio from youtube videos work as well. So am i screwed or is there fix? Help would be MUCH appreciated.

  2. stroff macrumors newbie

    Jan 10, 2009
    iphone 3g mic problem

    I have the exact issue with my brand new iphone 3g - Brought from an ebay store! I have unlocked it but before the unlocking process the phone worked absolutely fine - now i can hear others on a call but they cant hear me. So i'm having the Microphone replaced in a couple of days, if it works i will post another reply, but basically it looks like the mic is gone - i had it looked at by a couple of repair specialists who all say the same thing - the iphone mic's are extremely sensitive and alot of people are having this problem...:mad:
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    Well, since you bought it from eBay, the first thing I would do is contact the seller. If he/she is a has a good history of ratings then you may get your money back. If he/she doesn't do anything, you should also review the product information page on eBay of the phone you bought. If it doesn't say anything about a defective speaker then you should open a claim with eBay and your credit card company that your PayPal account is hooked up with. Is there a Rogers or Fido store around you somewhere? They sell iPhones there if you get your money back and there's a warranty on those. Your iPhone that you bought on eBay should have a warranty so if there's a Rogers or Fido store, you can take it there and they may be able to repair it.


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