Iphone Microphone Not Working and its not a software issue

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    Mar 11, 2009
    Let me give a little bit of background first so that you can understand the situation. A couple of months ago I slammed my trunk on my brand new 31 day old iphone and warranty would not cover it. They told me that I had to buy a new iphone $500!!! I said, "No Way". So I researched and figured out that all I needed to do was replace the digitizer so I purchased and replaced the digitizer myself. When I did that i fixed the screen and the phone worked fine but I somehow messed up my microphone when I did that. So the only way I could talk to people was using the headphone/microphone that came with my iphone. So I purchased the new Jawbone 2 months ago and just finished destroying that today...it fell and I ran over it with my car....:(

    So now I just want to see if anyone knows a way to either try to fix the microphone that is in the iphone or if I can purchase the microphone that I think I might have damaged when I replaced the digitizer?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I think you knocked the mic out, accidently, when you were replacing the digitizer. The microphone's connection is pretty loose and your hand could've knocked it out, fairly easily on accident. You should open the iPhone up and push the microphone back into it's connector. If it still doesn't work then you need to replace it. Buy the replacement from a repair parts place, wherever you bought the Digitizer should sell the mic. Then open it up again and replace the mic. It's an easy fix.

    It seems you are having pretty bad luck with technology and cars. Maybe you should give one up, I guess it's not too late for lent.;)

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    Sep 15, 2009
    somethin similar happened to me. but my speaker has no sound when i play the ipod & when i call people i cant hear nothing.. what did i do wrong ?? ..

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