iPhone Mini vs. iPhone 6

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by c.s., Sep 12, 2014.

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    After obsessing over it, I decided to go with the iPhone Mini (keep my 5S instead of upgrading).
    Even though I'm happy to shell out $650 for an off-contract phone, which I've done several times, I'm just not doing it this year. Here are my reasons:

    Weight - I remember the feeling going from the weighty iPhone 4 to the feather known as the 5/5S. I was constantly checking my pocket to make sure it was in there. The extra .7 inches would be nice to look at, but I can't imagine going bigger and heavier. I have so many screens in my life - iPad, rMBP, 27" display - at the end of the day, 4" vs. 4.7" means little to me. Pretty soon people will be staring at a tiny Apple Watch screen and loving it. Ask yourself if .7" will make a material difference in your life.

    Apple Pay - nice, but not a must have. I still have to carry a drivers license, health insurance card, etc., PLUS I have to carry a credit card in case my battery runs out or I go to a gas station or one of the countless places that don't use Apple Pay. The iPhone can't (yet) be the ONLY thing I have to carry. So ask yourself if Apple Pay will make a material difference in the quality of your life. A convenience at a few places just isn't worth another $650 to me. If/when I can ACCEPT money using Apple Pay, that will be huge. Goodbye PayPal.

    Lackluster improvements elsewhere - 60 fps video. Mostly the same camera. 1 GB Ram. A little better processor. Yada yada.

    iOS 8 - THIS will be the single biggest upgrade this year, and it's free. Can't wait.
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    Even though I ordered the 4.7", I agree with you. I'm "stressing" over the increase in size for the 4.7". Don't know how people are buying a 5.5". I'll be annoyed if they come out with a 4" iPhone Mini with the same design as these/smaller bezels.
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    Sep 12, 2014
    Apple pay can pay for Parking meters, vending machines, as well as anywhere that has a master-card tap to pay credit card reader. You bust out your phone wave it, put your thumb on the touch-id and boom you paid. I loved freaking people out walking up to a vending machine, swiping my phone and getting seemingly endless candy. :) Your right not a deal breaker, but remember they are doing tap to pay for lots of innovative things now.

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