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Original poster
Mar 6, 2011

I made a full HD iPhone movie of a my son. Sadly the Sun in the background, so the clip of my son is bad (glare). Howto fix with iMovie?

I don't know the proper expression so I didn't found KB article at Apple :mad:

Dave Braine

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Mar 19, 2008
Warrington, UK
With the clip in an iMovie Project, click on the cogwheel at the lefthand end of the clip and select Video Adjustments. You can make various adjustments in there, but I think trying to get rid of the flare may be asking a bit much.


Apr 26, 2005
Los Angeles, CA
Indeed, it may not be possible to fix. With the heavy compression and optics used in the iPhone (among other low end video cameras), it often only records exactly what you see, and throws away any additional detail that you could normally recover in post.

If you can post a frame from the video, we could tell you if there's even a chance. If anything, you could play around with brightness and contrast settings, or curves and levels if iMovie has those controls.
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