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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jer1230, Jul 7, 2010.

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Just got my first iPhone and have a few queries. Many thanks in advance.

    If i have WiFi turned on and am connected to either a home/work/local network and i send an email with an attachment - does this come out of my monthly o2 data allowance or is it free since i have unlimited free WiFi with o2?

    If i send an email as described above, how do i tell whether it has been sent over the WiFi network or the celluar network?

    I see in the settings panel of the iPhone, under the general tab and then in the network section there is the option to enable 3G and Cellular Data. If i turn these off does it mean content. emails etc will be sent/received over WiFi where is connection is made.? If both of these above options are set to OFF can i still make phone calls, and by turning them OFF what exactly does this do.

    Heading abroad shortly (Europe) i will try, where possible to connect to the Hotels (hopefully free) WiFi network to check emails etc, but to ensure i am not charged any additional fees should i be turning OFF the 3G and Cellular data option?

    and lastly is there any way of finding out what apps use the internet to work, ie if they download information in the backkground. If you close an app does that effectively mean it wont transmit data across eith 3g, Cellular or WiFi unless i have the app open?

    Many thanks once again for explanation of any of the above.
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    Jul 24, 2002
    Stuff sent over WiFi does not count against your (cellular) data allowance. Also if you had a data limit on your WiFi with O2 it would not count against that either: it would only count if O2 were providing the WiFi access at the time you sent it (so via OpenZone or The Cloud).
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    Nov 16, 2009
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    Mar 30, 2010

    The iPhone prefers wifi. If there are networks around, it will ask you whether to join them, before trying cellular data connection. If you have the wifi icon [​IMG]in your status bar, stuff will be sent via Wi/fi.

    yes. Cellular data = Edge / 3G / GPRS data ... pretty much everything that's not "voice minutes"
    3G = 3G, faster data, works for voice too, but no real gain on voice calls, other than higher battery drain

    yes, you can.
    cellular data turns off all cellular data, means all the data transfers can and will only happen via wi/fi

    better safe than sorry, yes. but there's a "enable data roaming" option, aswell, which should pretty much prevent this aswell

    if you close it, it should stop: unless it's internet radio, or voip, pretty much.
    also, next to your wi/fi or 3G icon, the spinning wheel indicates data transfer.

    but usually, many apps have descriptions about whether internet connectivity is needed.

    you owe me your first born child! :)

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