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    Jul 1, 2009
    Ugh I feel so stupid. A few days ago my KRZR died and after many suggestions by a 'friend' I decided OK, I'll go get an iPhone. So I bought this jailbroken/unlocked iPhone 2g, seemed like a good deal. Met the guy, tested it, it was fine. But it had his contacts and things on it so again at the suggestion of my friend I performed a RESET... and wiped content/settings.

    That's where the trouble began. I'm now coming to understand this is going to be a very costly mistake for myself if I can't find help.

    After I initiated the reset/wipe, the bar took an hour to wipe the device like the warning said. And then this infuriating little white apple sits on the screen for hours, grimmacing at me, taunting me, you shouldn't have listened to the idiot that told you to reset. The little apple is right.

    I'm about to pull my hair out here. I've been searching the net and from what I understand somehow I need to do something called DFU (I'd rather tell my friend to FU), connect it to iTunes, restore something (what, I don't know), and then Unlock/jail break it again. Heck there are even walk throughs........... woooo go me.

    Except I'm a complete newbie, a Brickhead (nickname I gave myself for Bricking my phone 1 hour into owning it). I don't understand any of this stuff or the versions required for things to work.

    I have no idea what firmware the phone is/was using, I know only it's an iPhone 2g. I'm using Windows XP SP2. One of the walkthroughs suggested using iTunes 8.2 but I can't get it to recognize my iPhone, and I don't know where to go into phone stuff anyway in iTunes.

    I've read other places to go download iTunes 7.5 or 7.6 but they are not available on the apple site.

    Does anyone know what is really going on here, and how I may fix my phone?

    Seriously, this sucks.

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    Mar 28, 2008
    Palo Alto, CA
    Hold down the power button thing on top of the phone, and the home button for 10 seconds.
    Then, release the Power button on top of the phone, but continue holding down the Home Button.
    Connect the USB cable to the iPhone, while holding down the Home Button.
    That should get you in DFU mode, or at least let you restore the phone.
    Then, iTunes should pop up and offer to restore the iPhone for you.
    Try that, and see what happens.
    If you need the Jailbreak+Unlock, just download QuickPwn.
    A simple Google search will find it. Download the latest version, and follow the instructions.
    Report back if you have any problems!
    Hope that helps!


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