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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sdpeacock, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Sep 1, 2010
    I've had IPHONE for about 1 month now (I got this as a gift from my brother).. I have been using the same without any data plan, and just using the WIFI spots.. My internet server is having some issues fr pas days, so I decided to call ATT and ask them if I can activate my DATA plan for 2-3 days and cancel the same once I dont need it.. The rep said that it is possible, and on my approval she activated the same... few hrs later no internet connection, I called again and the rep asked me what fone I was using I informed her about the iphone, she took the IMEI number, wanted to confirm the cancellation procedure she then informed me that with an Iphone I must have the data plan no matter where I purchased the phone from.. I told her that it was gift and that person probably spend $500 on this phone, I cannot afford $15p month charges... She has my IMEI info now, and I told her I do not want the data, and that I will change my phone back to my old one... its been few hours, and there is no data plan on my account, but online on my att account it shows up as an iphone... am I stuck?? can they slam a bill at me???please help...
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    Unfortunately for you, yes they can. No matter what your brother paid for the phone, and whether you had called AT&T or not, you would end up having to have a data plan. That is a requirement for all smartphones on AT&T, and actually on most carriers.

    The rep was mistaken when she said you didn't have to have the data plan, and it may have been that she was unaware you had a smartphone at first. Also, once AT&T did their regular "sweeps" they would have found you had an iPhone and would add the data plan.

    If you cannot afford the additional $15/monthly data plan (that is the cheapest one), they you will need to get a different phone. AT&T's network is able to identifiy phones based on the IMEI and even if you try and trick the system, it will find you our eventually. You'll need to remove the SIM from the iPhone and put it in a non-smartphone.
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    May 12, 2006
    agree w/ replier. you're stuck. data plans are almost mandatory on every phone out nowadays. i'll do data w/out voice instead if i could.
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    If you can't possibly afford $15 a month, please sell your iPhone.
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    Aug 15, 2010
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    Here's an :apple:

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