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    I have an iphone 3g that I've had since august last year (it hasn't been a year since it's purchase, so I'm thinking it's still under warranty)...I absolutely love this phone and up to today it's worked almost flawlessly. I baby my iphone and have never dropped it- also, it has a case and screen protector on it, so it still looks brand new!

    The problem occurred today when around 8 o'clock I routinely took my phone from my pants pocket to check the time- nothing! I pushed the sleep/wake button and it was non responsive...I then pushed the home button and the phone was still non responsive! I tried holding down both the sleep/wake button and home button to try resetting the device- again non responsive! :(

    I was at work when this happened, so I waited an hour when I got off work and plugged it into my car charger- to my surprise it turned on! I slid the arrow to unlock and everything appeared normal. I hadn't tried to make a call or send a text message, but all my apps were in order and the phone appeared to be functioning as it should. I thought the problem was solved and shrugged it off as a big, but then when I tried to wake the phone again the same problem occurred- it was non responsive. WTF?

    So finally I get back to my apartment and I have my roommate send me a text message to see if it would display a text (and somehow bring my phone back to life)...the text message alert sounded, but no display! I then had him call me and a similar instance occurred- my phone rang, but again no display (in other words, the screen is black just as it would be if it was in sleep mode). Just in these last couple of hours I've gotten a few texts/phone calls, but it's frustrating because I have no way of seeing who contacted me and can't view text messages, etc. The phone is simply not responding (even when I sync it to my iMac- it won't sync!)...I find this very strange because up to now I've had absolutely no problems with my phone.

    Has this happened to anyone? What else can I do? I don't want to restore it, because it will delete all my contacts (I didn't sync them to my address book for some ungodly reason :confused:). I'm most likely going to go to the nearest Apple store in Cleveland tomorrow to have them look at it and perform some diagnostics on it (if they can get it to respond and display anything). It's soo strange- it's like my phone is bricked (but it's never been unlocked or jailbroken)...I guess worse case scenario is they give me a referb and I go home and make a facebook group asking for phone numbers :eek:

    Any help or advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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    You can still restore your phone, then restore from a backup-- you do back up your phone. That would be the best thing going to the Apple Store.
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