iPhone not being detected by iTunes.

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    Dec 15, 2013

    Hey guys. I'm not very technologically inclined so I'm hoping someone here can help me solve my problem!

    I 'm using Windows 7 on my laptop and I noticed that every time I plug my iPhone into my laptop it's hit or miss, sometimes autoplay opens, sometimes it's doesn't. This was a hassle because I like being able to view my files in windows explorer (through autoplay)... also, if I went into the start menu and clicked computer my device wouldn't show up. I googled this figuring there must be a resolution out there and I thought I found it on an apple forum. This is the thread I found... https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3649253

    Basically it instructs me to uninstall and reinstall my apple iphone driver under portable devices. I did that. And now iTunes won't recognize my iPhone when it used to previously. Also, autoplay works but when it opens windows explorer and open the folders to get to my photos, I get to DCIM and when I click that, where my folders with all the photos would previously show, it's now empty. But the pictures are still in my photo gallery on my phone so I'm clueless as to what the issue is. Attached is a screen shot of what this looks like in case I did a bad job explaining it. :(

    I called Apple and after going back and forth with several customer service reps and speaking to one supervisor I was transferred to a Sr. advisor who listened to everything I had to say, was very apologetic and willing to help. He did a diagnostic using my Serial on my phone and told me that there were a lot of "red" areas. Meaning problems. He said that he would create a case and put notes for Apple to swap out my phone and set me up with an appointment at the genius bar at my local apple store. The only problem... now I can't back up my iPhone.

    I'm praying that someone can help me resolve this issue. I tried unistalling iTunes and reinstalling it and that didn't correct it. I used my iPhone for absolutely everything and really need a new one but I can't lose all the data that I currently have on it. Please help me?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Before we even attempt to open up the patient, please answer the following:

    Did this EVER worked?
    On the same machine, and is this Win7 a new machine? New as in you never ran iTunes here before now.

    When I plugged in the my phone, it shows up as a DIGITAL CAMERA device on explorer and by default I believe it invokes the photo transfer widget, but you can make it do something else or nothing at all. If you right-click on the device and Property, a number of available option are presented to you.

    iTunes, give it a minute, should register the device (at least) on upper right corner, next to the iTunes Store button, if this doesn't happens, something seriously wrong

    I can also right-click and Explore the device and it shows the pictures on a pane. So this is what happens normally, in Windows.

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