iPhone not syncing with iTunes after ChangeShortName

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    Aug 29, 2008
    Unix masters! Please help!

    I changed the OSX shortname of my main admin account on my Mac, via the shell script ChangeShortName, in case you know it; an admittedly risky procedure.

    Everything else pretty much works, app wise, thanks for asking, but iPhoto would not launch at all; i reinstalled it. It's now just fine and it's syncing. Now, iTunes still works and sees my music library, apps and prefs but does NOT sync or recognize the iPhone, nor does it recognize that it has been backed up before.

    Suggestions? I did edit all the iTunes plist files i could find, wherein I changed all directory references (mostly in recent folder info fields, as far as i can tell) to the correct path with the new user account shortname just created.

    Didn't work for the syncing. Should i reinstall iTunes?
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    Aug 29, 2008

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