iPhone on Canadian Apple Website


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Jul 19, 2007
I got this tip from a clever Howard Forums poster. Go to www.apple.ca and view the source HTML code. Search for "iPhone". It appears the iPhone tab is commented out of the HTML code making it easy to update once the iPhone is available in Canada. What makes this more interesting? No other international stores has any iPhone HTML code.

Also, the "Say Hello to the iPhone" picture is uploaded on the Apple Canada website but not shown. It's not uploaded on any other international websites. See the links:

Link to US image: http://images.apple.com/home/2007/images/promo_iphone_20070807.jpg
Link to Canadian image: http://images.apple.com/ca/home/2007/images/promo_iphone_20070807.jpg

Hypothetical link to Australian/UK images (both give "file not found" errors)

Can't be anything but optimistic after seeing this, especially since I'm a Canadian who is VERY jealous of US residents and their iPhones.

Note: Poster "Gene Rayburn" from Howard Forums gets all the credit for this... not myself.