iPhone on/off button stuck??

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    Jun 25, 2003

    I've had my iPhone for 4 months now without any problem. This morning, checked e-mail, went for coffee and the on/off button on the top right as you look at the front of the iPhone wouldn't work. The iPhone was basically dead. Nothing would wake it up. The Home button was unresponsive too. It's charged up, I know because I always check it out when I turn it on in the morning. When I got into my car, I called home via my blue tooth in the car and it turned my iPhone on. Called home and everything seemed fine. I shut the iPhone off with the on/off button and heard the click as it shut off. Couldn't turn it on again. I had to make another call. Left it on, screen went off and I could wake it up via the Home button. I left the screen on for a few minutes moving my home screens around.

    Got home and the on/off button works now. I synced the iPhone, everything went fine. I was up to date with any software, version 1.1.4, and now it works fine.

    Should I not turn it on and off like I usually do via tha on/off button but rather let the screen go off and manipulate the iPhone via the Home button?? Have I worn out that button. It's not like I constantly do that. Maybe 3-5x/day.

    Any thoughts??



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