iPhone on sale in Denmark!?!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cookie1105, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Apparently the iPhone is has gone on sale in Denmark!

    Here is the link to the article in Politiken.

    Apparently the Telekæden shop is selling unlocked phones with and without contracts. It's priced at Dkr 4650,- and Dkr 5899,- respectively. That's over $900 for phone with contract!:eek:

    I'm pretty sure it isn't an official partnership with :apple: however, the delivery time on the phone is 1-2 weeks which would coincide with the release of the official french unlock.

    From the article it looks like they are 1.0.x phones, wouldn't that be weird as 1.1.2 has just been released?.
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    It's just a hacked iPhone - not official. Notice one of the bolded features on the side of the page is "engelsk sprog" (English Language). If Apple was releasing an official phone it would support Danish.

    also it says:

    "Telefonen er med engelsk sprog og manual."

    or for English speaking friends:

    "The Telephone's language and manual are in english"

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