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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by gabriel925fm, Dec 17, 2010.

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    Hello all!

    There is a thread over hw forum talking about using any iphone unlocked or locked with the $45 unlimited everything plan from straight talk. It seems that you can buy the nokia e71 and after you activate the service use that sim with your iphone. The only problem is that when you purchase the $200 phone you can't sell it and keep the sim. The phone itself is locked to your account and if you sell it and someone else activates the phone your sim will get deactivated.

    Is anyone in here is doing this? And is this worth it?
  2. hackthatphone, Dec 17, 2010
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    Considering straightalk is part of tracfone which also owns net10 I'd question whether the sim actually functions with anything but the imei on the phone that it comes with.

    I've purchased a net10 phone, there is no way to get around activating the sim with anything but the net10 phone. While the net10 sim will activate an iphone, it will not function with it. In fact net10's own site will tell you their sims are bonded to their phones.
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    There's a nice thought

    O yes please. An iPhone 4 with unlimited everything for $45 a month!? Who would argue with that? Seriously. The only other thing you could possily ask for, is for the phone to run on both cdma, and gsm networks - which in straight talk's case, isn't all that outlandish...is it. They already have access to both networks, all that needs to happen is for a little iPhone redesigning :) just a leeetle redesigning I hear myself saying hehehe. Sure. You could possibly expect to pay how much for such a phone? $600?
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    So the lingering questions remains: has anyone been successful in using a straight talk sim in the iphone?
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    I think you got it right, the whole catch bout those "unlimited all" plans is that the SIM in locked to the IMEI, you can't put it on any other phone and if you try to reactivate that IMEI the original SIM will get disable. (AT&T pre-paid works similar as well, they just do it for a few month, 6 I think).

    There are way to do it yes,,, but discussion about those things is against this forums rules, you need to do a search for other places where that is more appropriate, also IMO it doesn't worth it.
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    Jul 28, 2010
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    My question is this I purchased a second hand sprint iPhone not knowing it was sprint. Then I decided to use it on net 10 bc we do not have sprint here.... Is it possible? And if so how is it done? Please get back to me on this.
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    I'd love to cut down my phone bill, $80/month for the wife and I would be awesome!
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    Google --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net10
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    they have a program called bring your own device so you just buy a sim for your carrier ( t mobile and atnt is what i have it doing) and then popo your sim into it. i bought the atnt sim off straight talks website for 15bucks poped it into my atnt htc ONE x and boom i have one of the best smartphones out right now with unlimited talk text and web. unlimited data is really unlimited as long as u change the proxy. i tether on it to my tablet all the time. straight talk is straight up the best thing that happened to me lol 45$ a month hell yea

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