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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jmelick07, Jan 31, 2010.

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    I'm a student and really want an iphone. The only problem is that I currently have t-mobile and really love it and would never switch to at and t. I currently have a bb curve 8320 and love its functionality but could never justify buying the data for it because the data just isn't as useful to me as it would be on an iphone. So my predicament is whether I should wait and see if the 4g iphone comes to t-mobile (this would be awesome) or get an ipad (which would solve my data needs (though force me to deal with at and t)). I don't usually follow iphone rumors so I'm just trying to see what people think the chances of it coming to t-mobile is.

    And yes I know its already possible to put an iphone on t-mobile but I don't want to do that because of the lack of a warranty and support from t-mobile (their customer service is why I love them) not to mention that I wouldn't be able to use the 3g. Also I don't want to jailbreak an iphone to put it on t-mobile, I like keeping my apple products as pure as possible (I know I could get more functionality out of it through jail breaking but this is just my preference).

    So what do you think the chances of iphone on t-mobile in the next 8ish months?
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    No way to know. Nobody even knows the terms or length of Apple's exclusivity agreement with ATT. And even if it were to expire soon, the ability to use a phone with a different carrier is going to depend on what kind financial deal Apple can work out, and Verizon has already shown itself to be driving a hard bargain.

    Too many ins and outs to know.
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    An iPad wouldn't force you to work with AT&T, they are unlocked. However, only AT&T has announced $15 for limited bandwidth and $30 for unlimited bandwidth pricing so far. When the release date gets closer, T-mobile may match that pricing.

    A factory unlocked iPhone from Europe should use the same 3G frequency bands as T-mobile. As you state, an unlocked iPhone from AT&T definitely wouldn't. It would not need to be jailbroken, but it would be expensive (I've seen figures from €700 and up). You could find out what level of support they would give before making the purchase.
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    nobody knows. The whole carrier situation is a mystery.
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    iPhones sold in Europe and in the United States have identical UMTS/HSDPA frequency support (850, 1900, 2100 MHz). Apple does not make any iPhone that supports T-Mobile's 1800 MHz 3G band.
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    Where did u get this?
    Tmobile won't match anything since they're not affiliated with Apple and will not provide service for the ipad. Even their 3G frequency is incompatible.
    About an iPhone on Tmobile this year, highly not happening.
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    Then go get one.
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    Do you know how sweet that would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

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