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    First cross platform game which allows iPhone and Android users to compete against each others. So grab your game lead the score table and show Android users that iPhone and iPod Touch users are best.

    CoreMania is first of its kind arcade game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Doing the unthinkable is the theme of this highly addictive and entertaining game.

    So far, we have explored the life on the surface of the earth, the depths of the oceans and the universe. But this definition of exploration is too narrow as the exciting world underneath the earth's surface still remains unexplored.

    Here is a chance to be the first to know what lies below. Here is a chance for you to do the impossible- Explore the world underneath!!

    So let us embark on an ambitious journey to the depths of earth's darkest corners where you will be treated with numerous surprises and troubled by many challenges and dangers. The game play is sure to give you an adrenalin rush and keep you deeply involved.

    Highly realistic graphics along with ambient sounds will give you a real time experience of the most memorable journey to the earth's core which you are about to begin.

    Just like the Earth's core, this game is "TOO HOT TO HANDLE"!!
    Be the first to know what lies beneath.

    Key feature:

    1. Unique high score with cross platform compatibility.
    2. Unlimited game play with unlimited levels.
    3. Realistic graphics with ambient sound.
    4. Giving real time experience of the Earth's core.
    5. Crazy sound tracks.
    6. Allows you to download wallpapers directly from the game application.



    iTunes link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/core-mania/id357133698?mt=8

    Check out the video out here http://www.softkraftstore.com/core%20mania%20video.asp
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