iPhone OS 3.1 battery and Ford SYNC problems

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    May 3, 2009
    I enthusiastically installed OS 3.1, with its extra bluetooth functionality and purported increase in battery life.

    1. I've had my Mophie Juice-enabled iPhone plugged into a powered USB port. In the past, it stayed charged when plugged into this USB port (topping at 100%, of course). This morning I noted battery life was down to an appalling 67% and instantly turned on the Mophie. :eek:

    2. When I got the 3GS, I was really happy - I could plug it into my 2009 Ford Focus's USB port and play songs directly from it with the Microsoft SYNC sound system. (no need for a flash drive) Initial syncing took 5 minutes for the indexing of songs, but every song played like a dream. Since 3.1 installation, syncing takes 40 minutes and many songs are skipped by SYNC. :eek: So now, when buying a new album and copying the contents to the iphone, it then has to re-index -- another 40 minutes and I can't listen to anything. :(

    Especially re: #2, has iPhone OS 3.1 made such an overhaul to USB and any sync functions (otherwise not related to MS SYNC)? This is rather frustrating, especially when Apple keeps its OS locked for quality reasons. (I've NEVER jailbroken or altered my iPhone in ANY way.)
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    Sep 19, 2009
    It doesn't appear there is an answer yet. I am having the same issues. My ipod touch was upgraded to 3.1.1. I tried hooking it up to Sync and it is constantly updating. I can't change tracks and it skips like crazy. I called Apple about rolling back and they said they can't help with the process and would have to google for the answer. Ain't that some crap! If someone has an answer to rollback, it would be much appreciated.
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    Sep 28, 2008
    I have a ford sync and the issue i've had a few issues with my 3g. Nothing stopping me but annoying.

    If give it a playlist it works fine. You tell it a track name it has long pauses and sometimes says bad media. So if you stick with play all or playlist you proably be fine tilll they fix. I'm sumbit feedback to both apple and syncmyride for this.

    The other is diffently extreamly long indexing. Use to super fast but 300 song can run you up to 3 minutes. It also often gets detected as a new device.

    One sure way to help the iPhone work is to unplug it from sync. Launch iPod. Hold power button till red slider appears. Hold home till iPod closes. Now plug into sync and wait for the usual popup and then wait some more fo it to be detected by sync. It should work better now. But you will need to still stick with playlist.

    Quick over the wire updates to some core functions would be nice for stuff like this. I'm sure Apple will take at least till October to release a 3.1.1
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    Nov 6, 2007
    Ford Sync via USB - brand-new 3G also says 'headset connected' with none!

    I'm in the same maze of twisty little passages.

    My first iPhone 3G (16 gb black not 's') was acting oddly since my 3.0 and 3.1 upgrades, so I took it to a Genius who said the dock pins were damaged, and he replaced it right there (last Saturday 9/19) with the same model.

    Both the old and new models have had had difficulties talking to my 2009 Ford Focus Sync system.

    There are some useful tips on the Ford forum (syncmyride.com) and on the external forum fordsyncforum.com.

    Current symptoms:

    • Repeated loss of audio on calls, either or both directions; fwiw most of my calls are incoming.

      Loss of output audio from iPod application, sometimes accompanied by iPhone saying headphones are connected when they are NOT. I barely knew when I'd ever used headphones on iPhone.

      Dock connection to Ford Sync won't reliably carry music to Sync. Note the 3.0/3.1 firmware allows you to select iPod output even when docked with the 'Accessory Connected' screen up. Sometimes I don't see the dock connector option at all, sometimes I see 'headphones' instead.

      I could not even get the USB connection at all under firmware 3.1 until I 'lobotomized' the Sync by removing the fuse for five minutes.

      Apple support told me to repeatedly insert and remove the headphones and that would clear its situation. 15 insert/removals later there are still issues.

      When iPhone and Sync do talk over USB, they typically start up a 9-15 minute media sync. This is better than a lot of our co-sufferers.

      If Sync tells me "Sync was unable to index all the media on your device..." then usually the sound is good.

      If Sync doesn't index, usually the sound is absent regardless of whether the iPod app sees the dock connector

      If Sync indexes but does not whine about the media, the sound is usually absent

      FWIW I found some earbuds and when I plug them in they seem to always work.

    I've uploaded some iPhone screen shots of iPod app showing 'Accessory Connected' (i.e. Dock Connector) and the Ford Sync (bluetooth audio) indicator at bottom. In one of of them I have tapped the Sync bluetooth symbol and it brings up a list showing no Dock Connector, but the ghost headphones.
    I think they screwed up the audio and the dock connector with 3.0 and 3.1.


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