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    Apr 24, 2010
    I was told that I didn't need to have a UDID to upgrade a 3gs to os4. I have assess to the files but I'm wary of updating. I know when you do a restore you have to be connected to the internet so there is communication with apple. Is this illegal to do or monitored by apple? I thought it would be nice to get to play around a week earlier on the 3gs and see how it runs (I heard it was laggy). If this was the case, I would try and pre-order a iPhone 4.

    Has anyone done this upgrade without being a developer and if you have do you recommend it or any other tips?
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    You can install it without a UDID. Is it illegal? Not illegal, just against your agreement with Apple so if your phone is bricked (it won't be with the GM), Apple isn't responsible.

    It is a bit laggy if you install it and restore from an iOS 3 backup. The lag is the most noticeable in the Messages app. Do a clean install instead or live with a little bit of lag until the official release comes out and do a clean install then.

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