iPhone 'OTHER' disk space and unfinished downloads?

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    I have 2 gigs of 'OTHER' disk usage. How do i find out whats taking up that space? Another question, when I download something like a big play station ROM, or stuff from cydia, but I cancel download right before its finished, where does the what i downloaded already go? And how do i delete these fragments?

    I think I know where the 'Other' comes from. I purchased game emulators, and ROMS. I bet they are labeled under the "OTHER" category. More importantly, I just want to understand the concept behind the iphones downloading. If I'm downloading someone from cydia, safari (such as roms), or anything really, where does this data go if i CANCEL the download? Is it stored as a partial download somewhere in the phone? Where in SSH can i find this?
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    Cracked apps are usually placed under the "other" category.

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