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    Ive been reading a lot of posts on various boards with regards to exchange server, IMAP and OWA settings, but no one seems to have the problem i'm having.

    The most common scenario i can find for people having trouble with OWA is that when they login it sends them into a loop where it just keeps trying to load, no failure no success. I actually GET an authentication error message about 5-10 seconds after attempting to login. Before i fire off an email to the IT guys having them look at the information i have found on OWA access and the iphone, i was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions or ideas that i could try. i'm guessing my problem will fall in the same category as those people that loop, just wanted to ask though...

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    OWA on the iPhone should work the same as OWA on Safari.

    I'm in IT at a large educational institution, and we use Exchange email and OWA. We support (and have supported) OWA for Safari and IE for years. Before contacting your IT folks, first see if you can get into your OWA account from a Mac via Safari. If not, see if you can via a PC with IE. Explore those before giving them a hollar.

    My OWA on the iPhone works flawlessly. (but, of course it semi-sucks, we need full mail app support, but that's been discussed to death elsewhere)

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