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    Peg Pals Pro for iPhone is the only puzzle game of its kind on the app store. Using artificial intelligence, it creates thousands of solvable peg solitaire puzzles such as those seen at Cracker Barrel restaurants. Providing numerous options for gameplay, the object is to reduce the puzzle to a single peg by successively jumping a peg over an adjacent peg and into an empty location.

    Peg Pals Pro also teaches the user how to solve any puzzle – move by move.

    This is a completely redone and full-featured version of Peg Pals which was featured by Apple in What's Hot in Board Games and also What's Hot in Puzzles.

    Because the app store is so competitive and we want to get the word out, we're making Peg Pals Pro FREE for a day.

    Go get it at the app store
    or read on for more details.

    A puzzle consists of the classic triangular board with 15 peg locations (such as those commonly seen in the Cracker Barrel restaurant). The object is to reduce the puzzle to a single peg by successively jumping a peg over an adjacent peg and into an empty location. Puzzles can vary in difficulty from requiring about 30 seconds to solve, to much more complex.

    What's special about Peg Pals is that it does not restrict the user to a single-peg removed puzzle, but rather generates random – but always solvable – puzzles with varying number of pegs removed.

    As an option, puzzles may require that the final peg be in a specific spot. The user also has an option to use a timer and the option to show a solvable indicator that turns pink when there is no solution for the current puzzle.

    Peg Pals also uses artificial intelligence search methodology to analyze positions and can tell the user how many solutions there are to a given puzzle and which moves are best in a given position.

    The game allows for unlimited hints and the app will show you, move-by-move, how to solve any puzzle that you like. This makes the app great for both playing and learning how to solve any such puzzle.

    The game play is smooth, fluid, and nicely animated. The pieces resemble smiley faces that beam when they are about to jump, or show horror when they are about to be jumped.

    All settings are preserved between sessions, and the user will resume a puzzle exactly where she left off.

    The app includes detailed and easy to access documentation of all its features.

    Go get it now at the app store
    We really appreciate your feedback!

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    Because of the great response to this sale, I've decided to continue it for a bit longer.

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