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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by msa6, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Oct 14, 2007
    We've been with Sprint for years, but service really has gotten poor and with my wife's birthday coming up, I'm thinking it might be time to spring for an iPhone for her (her Treo has about had it).

    We live in a market formerly owned by Suncom (Charlottesville, VA). Needless to say, this essentially bankrupt company didn't put huge $ in the ground, and coverage was never great. I think ATT has put more money in the ground, but this isn't NYC. Friends with iPhones are happy with them, but they live in different parts of town, and getting service at the house is pretty important...lots of people call her exclusively on the cell phone.

    So I got some freebie LG phone from ATT (just arrived today) as a way to test coverage around the house. It's sometimes two bars, but mostly I'm getting one bar or no bars. I'd test an iPhone, but there's the restocking fee, etc.

    So, any thoughts on what to expect from iPhone coverage at the house given the 0-2 bar experience with the LG? Even with no bars I seem okay making calls (not getting "no service"). I guess the other question is whether I should believe what the guy in the local ATT store told me six months ago: that they're putting more cell sites up in my area soon. He's just a salesman, of course.

    Guess I have one more: if I get an iPhone to test out, and decide to keep it, will I have any problem changing the number over to her Sprint number if I start service out with a new ATT number? Don't want to port the Sprint number unless we're sure we'll keep the phone with ATT...that number is important (to us!).

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    I hear ya'...

    I'm a Sprint transplant after almost 10 years under their regime. The phone coverage is still the same at my house whether it's Sprint or AT&T. At the top of my street I get "FULL BARS" and when I pull into my driveway at sea level and in a slight dip or valley I drop to 2-3 bars. There are some days where I get 1-2 bars, and then the occasional "No Service" unless I move about the house and find 2-3 bars. It's frustrating, but I'm not willing to give up my house by the water! I even look at the coverage maps for "orange" & "blue 3G" and they both show "MODERATE" coverage, so it's not like I should be surprised. I'm finding that I'm looking at other houses near the water, on the basis of whether my iPhone has "FULL BARS!" That's messed-up isn't it? Anyway, AT&T has been better than Sprint by "leaps and bounds" but they are about even regarding coverage "INSIDE" my house. I love the rollover minutes, EDGE, Family Plan Unlimited Texting (one way to get over the "1-2 Bar" issue), M2M Unlimited Calls, WiFi connections at my house and the AT&T HotSpots and Unlimited Calls M-F starting at 7pm. I did notice that the iPhone seems to have 2-3 Bars more often than any Sprint phone that I owned, (and that was at least 8 phones). No problem porting your number over to AT&T, it took 2 minutes for all 4 of my Family Plan members to be up and running. Good Luck. Keep us posted on your results. PM me if you have further questions. :cool:
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    Oct 14, 2007
    Thanks for the reply.

    This morning the LG is not getting any service in the house...not a positive development!

    I'm thinking I may need to get an iPhone and try it out...bear the restocking fee if it won't work.

    Anyone else care to chime in on iPhone marginal coverage area performance? Thanks.

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