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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ToddH, Sep 1, 2015.

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    Hey quick question to those of you that are iPhone photographers and photo editors. What iPhone do you prefer when taking photos and processing those photos on your iPhone: Would you rather have the space gray with a black face or the silver or gold with the white face? As a photographer myself I realize that the black screen makes the images pop a little bit more than the white screen does but I am asking this because I am thinking I want to return to the silver iPhone with the white face. I was in the Apple Store yesterday looking at these two phones and comparing images with each. I currently have the space gray 6+ iPhone but I like the look of the silver iPhone. Please share your preferences and comments thank you.

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    There is a weekly photography show on the web I usually watch. I remember a while ago one of them mentioned that one of the top editors for a magazine said that when going over images to select for the magazine that white around the image is far better at viewing the images correctly and black is far better for when actually editing the images to get better accuracy for colour editing and such.

    This of course is software on a computer screen and not the front of an iPhone. But it should apply just the same really.

    It must have some weight of truth because most if not all editing software for images use black or dark UI (Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects and even most if not all video editing too.) Even photos app on the phone defaults to white for when viewing (a tap makes it black) Photos in OS X also swaps to black UI from white when you enter edit mode.

    Personally I went with space gray/black front. Not for images, but because I don't like seeing the black edge of the screen. Especially when you have a mostly white or light colour content on the screen. That black edge of the screen stands out way too much on the white front (White screen to black edge back to white front face.) The black front face hides this and makes the screen almost seamless into the facing.

    But technically on a professional level the white phone would be the correct choice for actually viewing images.

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