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    Iphone 3GS- we deleted all photos from our phone (both camera roll and photos synced from windows folders) Unchecked the folder in Itunes so they would not re-sync. But when hooking up the phone to the computer and opening Itunes, it shows 0.23 GB of Photos (79 photos) in the space bar at the bottom.

    There are absolutely no photos on this phone- how do I free up this space?? I've rebooted everything, synced several times- no luck- still showing 0.23 GB under photos.

    Any ideas??

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    Apparently iOS keeps deleted photos on your iOS device for 30 days before actually removing them for good. You can find them on your iDevice Photo app under Deleted Photos. If you want them really gone, you have to select each and every photo (YES YET AGAIN) then delete them (YET AGAIN!!!) Finally the space will be freed up.

    Perhaps setting the date on your device ahead temporarily might work, but that might mess something else up, so I didn't try it.

    One more note: If you have PhotoStream enabled, your device will automatically download everything from the cloud to your device after you have deleted them. What a pain, huh?!!

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