iPhone Placed In Lost Mode by Someone Other Than Owner???

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Diana Prince, Jul 12, 2015.

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    So a friend of mine called me for advice about her daughter's iPhone. Apparently the phone shows as being in lost mode and to call a number. The phone is unusable. Her daughter didn't place the phone in lost mode. And the number isn't familiar, but my friend called it and it goes straight to voice mail. Now I made my friend promise me that she was sure her daughter didn't accidentally mistake her phone for someone elses. Her daughter hadn't been out all day and she says it's the very phone she bought her daughter directly from Sprint, brand new out of the box.

    Could this be a hack job of some sort? I'm very curious as to what's going on and my friend is extremely frustrated because Sprint is pointing at Apple and Apple is pointing back at Sprint. They have confirmed the serial number is the same as the phone purchased originally from Sprint, so there is no mistaking the phone for another one. What's going on here?
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    Assuming everything you have been told is 100 percent correct then this has to be an Apple issue. Somehow two accounts must have been crossed.
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    That makes no sense, however I do hope this isn't another thread of someone looking for a way to remove icloud lock....there is a endless # of those on the forum of people "looking for a solution" I say this because every thread like this one has a story.

    However I do have a answer that may make sense to you if your story is indeed real:

    - Someone (Boy friend, friend, family member etc) must have known the password to the account that's signed in and may have simply done it as a prank or a way to get at the person for some reason and simply setup a google voice # etc as a call back #.....why doesn't your friend or her daughter whom ever's icloud account was signed in, sign in and simply remove the phone from the account? or restore the phone and sign in with the icloud account? There is nothing to be frustrated about if you have control over the icloud account used on the device.

    As the other member suggested that two accounts crossed....that would be virtually impossible as its never happened before (I have ever heard of such a bizarre incident) or documented.
  4. Diana Prince, Jul 12, 2015
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    LOL. The internet is so full of cynics. I have no interest in learning how to remove an icloud account of an iPhone for the purpose of criminal activity. I simply posted because I wondered if this had happen to someone else. Didn't know someone would infer I'm up to no good.

    My friend is an android user and has no clue about iphones. She bought her daughter an iphone because her daugher is 13 and iphones are popular. She didn't even know about signing into icloud. I had to tell her that. She has no clue about such things and just simply wondered how this happened. She has been on the phone with Sprint most of the morning. I told her to sign into her daughter's icloud because I was interested to know if she would be able to locate her daughter's phone. I never thought about having her remove the phone from the account because I don't know what impact that would have or that it was even possible.

    Lastly...just last week I received an email from Apple telling me that they hoped they'd resolved my issue and referred to me as "Chris" which is not my name. So yeah, wonky things happen from time to time with Apple.

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