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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MacDaddy901, Jul 21, 2009.

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    Alright, so I am planning on getting an iPhone soon. I can't wait. Here's the problem and I've been searching the forums for over an hour and can't find the answer. I live in Ohio and want to know how much my service will cost every month taxes and everything. I plan on having the most basic plan you can get with the most basic text plan you can get.

    And my other question is should I even getting a text plan? I don't text that much, maybe 150 - 300 a month.

    Thanks for your help and if there is somewhere else I can find this out just point me in the right direction.
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    I live in ohio, just got the 32 gig 3gs and my first bill came out to 113 dollars. This was with the activation fee and the prorated first few days though. I think my normal bill will be somewhere around 78 dollars a month. *AT&T gave me 8 dollars and some change in taxes and "other fees"* My FAN discount should be kicking in next month though so it could save me around 8-10 dollars so if you can get in on one of those I'd do it.

    As for texting I've found it much easier to just get an app that does text through email and just get a push yahoo (or a fetch gmail, whatever) account. The one I'm using is simple as can be, its called SMS Touch and you just text, pick the number from your contacts and it finds their sms email address. The only problem I have with it is that it can't do any of the smaller carriers so you will have to find out the email address for Revol Wireless (a big one here in Ohio where I am at least) and other small carriers your self. Hope this info helped, if there is anything else just ask it!
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    So your normal charges will be around 70 or 78 (excluding FAN)? And are you saying you don't have a text plan or just use apps? Thank for the help.
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    I live in Ohio and my bill is $72 with a FAN discount and the $7.49 text package (TMB9). So, if you don't get a texting plan and don't have a FAN discount I would say you are close with your $70-$78 range. Keep in mind the texting apps are not anywhere close to as user-friendly as the actual SMS texting package. Things don't always get pushed via e-mail in a timely manner, replying is kind of a pain, etc.
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