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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Benjamindaines, Jul 4, 2007.

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    If I were to buy and iPhone I would be getting a family plan, but only one person in the family (maybe 2) would be getting an iPhone. So my question is can I sign up for the $80 a month plan and have one iPhone and 2 regulars? Obviously I would have to add the third line, but can it be done?
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    Yes. You can add any other phone you want to the family plan. The third line will be $9.99 per month.
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    If you are only getting 1 iphone I would recommend you pick the family plan you want. Then it is $29.99/month to add a line with an iPhone. ($20/month for iphone data + $9.99/month to add a line).

    Or if the first phone you get is the iPhone then you can pick an iPhone family plan and add the other phones later at $9.99/month per line. Either way the cost is the same.
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    or call AT&T and ask them for help when you activate, they were very helpful when I was moving plans around!

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