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    since thursday my iPhone 5S playes possum regularly for several hours. That means, it crashes (with some funky random colored screen) and then just plays plain dead. The standby-home reset did not work, and even trying to put it into recovery mode with iTunes does not work either. According to the instructions on Apple's support site, http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2802, it needed to be serviced. On the first even I called Apple Care, and at the end of the call the agent decided the iPhone was bricked, and offered to exchange it. I opted for a trip to an Apple Store, hoping to get a faster replacement.

    When the Genius picked up my phone and pressed the activation button, it woke up like nothing ever happened.

    First of all, the Genius seemed amazed by the number of apps I have on my phone. Well, I am an iPhone owner since the first iPhone, and so you accumlate some stuff. And that's why they sell 64 GB phones, right ;) ?

    Then he ran the extended diagnostics, found a few crashes (normal, on a developer phone), and that Maps, Safari and the Tiny Death Star Game apparently had "Memory Issues".

    Here it get's interesting: The Genius then told me that this is a known issue, and that iPhones can lock up in this state for even days, until the battery goes empty. And the Genius said, that to avoid that, I should:

    * Close Safari tabs
    * Quit Apps with the Multi Tasking Switcher
    * Reboot my phone once in a while.

    While I am happy that my phone seems to work well again, this leaves me with a number of questions:

    1) The iPhone really can lock up in a state where not reset whatsover will work? Where it will appear cold and dead for the customer for hours and days? That sounds like some major bug to me
    Has anyone ever heared of this?

    2) To avoid it, a user must quit app and do housekeeping on Safari tabs? As a developer, I was under the impression that iOS has a pretty robust way of managing memory, and that users should not need to be bothered with such issues. As a developer of apps which communitcate in the background with Bluetooth accessories, I am scared to the bone by the advice to kill the apps with the multi tasking switcher, because that will turn off our background processing.
    Does this advice make any sense, to anyone? Is this actually something that Geniuses are trained to say to customers?

    As an aside, the agent on the phone was ready to send me a replacement device, which was unnecessary and would have inconvenienced me and be costly for Apple, to exchange a perfectly good device.
    If this is a known issue, shouldn't it be listed in the knowledge base and be propagated to Apple Care agents on the phone?

    After the trip to the store, this happened more an more frequently.

    I am running a developer release on the phone, so before having the phone exchanged on Monday I would like to know if anyone has ever seen such issue, or if that is actually something in the developer OS.

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    Actually there was another post here on the iPad side that had the same problem.. His iPad had JB. It locked up and he thought it was bricked. Picked it up weeks later and put it back on charge. It charged and woke up like nothing happened. I don't know the correlation between his j broken iPad and your developer iPhone but they do lockup and have to totally run the battery down to release whatever caused the lockup.


    I guess the question then becomes, did the battery running down clear the apps in the multi task switcher to bring it back to life? Or, did running the battery down trigger something else to cause a reset?

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