iPhone playing up, skipping back to home locking etc...

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    Aug 15, 2007

    My sister and I both got iPhones last week after being unable to resist the £100 discount offer. :p

    Anyway, I used the pwnage tool to activate/unlock/jailbreak them both, and since, my iPhone has been absolutely fine with no problems whatsoever, however my sister has reported having a few problems with hers...

    Firstly the phone deleted all her contacts randomly. I used SIMport to get these back and this has been fine since but now the phone seems to skip back to 'home' or even lock itself when browsing an application. It does it quite frequently and I have experienced it and find it quite annoying.

    What could be causing this? Is it a known problem with the software or could it possibly be hardware related? What would you suggest I do to possibly rectify this - is it possible to re-pwn it? :p

    Any help or advice would be very gratefully received.

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    Aug 15, 2007

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