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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lekun, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. lekun macrumors regular

    Jan 5, 2006

    Walked by an AT&T store this afternoon and noticed an iPhone poster rolled up and not yet on display. Snapped this picture (with my soon to be defunct RAZR, as long as my pre-existing contract with Cingular doesn't get in the way of my iPhone purchase!).

    This poster didn't have an extra app as you can see the final row only has the three icons. However, of course, this poster was probably made a while ago, and if Apple is trying to keep the app a secret, or it won't be ready until after launch (what I believe) then it isn't a surprise it isn't on this poster.

    FWIW I think the app is a YouTube portal similar to Apple TV's new feature.
  2. /dev/toaster macrumors 68020


    Feb 23, 2006
    San Francisco, CA
    If there is a hidden app, it might not be at release. Think about it, youtube wasn't on the AppleTV at release, its going to be added later.

    Did you happen to catch if the poster said Safari or web on it ? That and the order of apps _might_ be a good way to determine when it was printed.
  3. afbuckeye macrumors member

    Apr 29, 2007
    i really don't think this means anything about whether or not there will be another app.... obvioulsy there is a secret factor that they still might want to represent until maybe wwdc? or perhaps all the way to release?

    either way... the ads definately show the possibility of there being another app since there were 4 in the bottom row...

    we will all find out soon enough...
  4. holamiamigos macrumors 6502a

    Aug 10, 2006
  5. psycoswimmer macrumors 65816


    Sep 27, 2006
    But you could go on YouTube with Safari...
  6. lekun, Jun 6, 2007
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    lekun thread starter macrumors regular

    Jan 5, 2006
    YouTube via Safari

    Yeah, you could; but it wouldn't be optimized. Vis a vis you could go on Google Maps through Safari, but as SJ talked about at All Things D: rich clients with web services back ends are the best hybrid between desktop-class environments and the internet. (You could get the weather through safari, and stock quotes, etc.)

    I'm almost certain it said "Safari." I looked, but now I just can't remember for sure.

    holamiamigos: I didn't "see the secret app" its just been speculated about because of icon placement in some frames of the recent commercials. Plenty of threads in these here tubes that go into greater detail than that.

    afbuckeye & /dev/toaster: I agree with you both.
  7. Aperture macrumors 68000


    Mar 19, 2006
    Did Steve even say the iPhone would have Flash? I could look back at the Keynote but I don't want to. If not, YouTube wouldn't work. Nice observation on the poster, though. It seems there is no secret app at launch, but they could be keeping it quiet. I don't think there will be a secret app.. more-so a secret service, IE.. GPS. (Which would be built into Google Maps)
  8. lekun thread starter macrumors regular

    Jan 5, 2006
    According to the David Pogue super iPhone FAQ JAVA was a no-go but Flash was debatable. It was at that point the SJ said something to the effect that the problem with YouTube was the quality and that what they needed to do was switch to H.264.

    And that is what they did. AppleTV doesn't have Flash support, but Google is re-encoding everything to be H.264 which presumably the iPhone supports. So regardless of whether or not iPhone ships or gets Flash Support, presumably the iPhone will support the new YouTube.

    When SJ announced YouTube for AppleTV my initial reaction was that the feature for AppleTV was just a side benefit of the work/convincing they did with Google for the iPhone to support YouTube. Because honestly, H.264 or not, YouTube will look extra sucky on your widescreen, however, it will just be its normal suckiness on the iPhone screen.

    My guess is that they are just waiting for the re-encoding to finalize and when they ship YouTube support for AppleTV they will ship it for iPhone OR they will wait until August when presumably (according to SJ I believe) all YouTube content will be converted and then ship it for iPhone.

    At this point I think some specialized YouTube portal for iPhone is all but guaranteed, but whether it is this "mystery app" (and whether there even is a mystery app) is of course up for debate.

    I don't think there is GPS. In the keynote presentation (go to Apple.com, and click on "Watch iPhone Introduction and scrub to 46.00) Jobs pulled down a list of "locations" and told the Google Maps client that he was at Moscone, and then the Google Maps based all inquiries off of that information. There is no triangulation or GPS or whatever scheme people are wishing. You tell Google Maps where you are and it basis its decision off of that. Unless something drastically changed since the Keynote, that is the way iPhone 1st Gen is going to work IMHO.

    I am an iPhone nut if you can't already tell.
  9. hatcher146 macrumors 6502

    Mar 26, 2007
    north carolina
    ok this might be a stupid question. so will the iPhone play videos off of the internet? example: youtube? or no. thats what everyones trying to figure out right? if flash will work? flash is what plays videos?

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