iPhone Pro 2017 what features do you need

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TheRealAlex, Jul 27, 2016.

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    At this point the iPhone 7 launch is just a formality its style is uninspiring and that's deliberate by Apple to leverage this year for a huge splash in 2017. I will briefly go over what I look forward with the iPhone Pro in 2017.

    #1. At least 3GB or 4GB RAM DDR4
    #2. Graphene Lithium battery Double current battery life
    #3. Limited Edition numbered 10th Anniversary special color way
    #4. Ultra Rare Founders Edition iPhone Pro special packaging and box Must have Original iPhone in hand to place order in person only. Very few you will be notified by Twitter if you are getting one. Crazy hype
    #5. Must have OLED 1440p display
    #6. Useable as VR screen in an Apple designed VR headset.
    #7. Wireless charger
    #8. Smaller Rear OLED secondary Display

    #typo in title it's Need
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    Your wish list is More like fancy Chines copy
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    What I'd like to see for the iPhone Pro:

    1) An iPhone with updated hardware
    2) An iPhone Pro which is called 'iPhone' and nothing else
    3) An iPhone Pro which has identical specs across the board, regardless of what size screen it has

    Oh, wait, I guess I just want every iPhone to be an iPhone Pro and not further fragment/confuse the line or the consumer.


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