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    May 18, 2013
    i recently had my iphone 4 screen replaced due to it being dropped. 2-3 weeks after having this done it lost power completely. it made a vibration when being charged but this was it. within 7 days it miraculously started working again.
    last night i was using the phone, when the screen started to fade away to nothing and again now there is no power. i have tried putting it on charge but still nothing. i am not sure if this is a fault with the screen or if it something more serious. any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou
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    Why don't you take it back to where the repairs were made and make them fix it? Most places offer at least a 30 day warranty, sometimes longer. If everything except the screen was working properly prior to the replacement screen installed, then you ought to be able to get some assistance from the repair place.

    Be aware that some repair places make the requested repair but then muck about so that you must come back to have something else fixed, too. Unethical but true. :(
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    They probably left a loose connection inside accidentally.

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