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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by wayland1985, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Jan 16, 2008
    What is the current iPhone processor speed? I thought I read it's in the 400mhz range (while the ipod touch is in the 500mhz range).

    I went to PDAdb. net to compare the iphone 3g to the HTC Touch Pro, and it came up as a 620mhz processor?! :confused:
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    LOL... Cute. (I've never seen this link before, but I'll have to use it sometime).

    Unfortunately it doesn't really help any. I get quite a spread of specs.

    From what I'm starting to think, I'm assuming the processor is a 600mhz processor that's detuned by Apple for power saving. That way, they can increase the performance of the iPhone as needed, simply with software updates??? (If this is true, this means Apple has SOME forward thinking in the iPhone!)
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    Sorry, just had to do that. I think you're on the right track, apparently iPhone 2.0 increased the MHz from 400 to 420 for the Apps. Or, at least that's what I read.
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    Feb 20, 2008
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    LOL.. I just heard about that "**************************" site.. great to see it in use.
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    I doubt that will ever happen, even though I'm sure they could. The great majority of people think the phone is plenty fast but the battery life could be better. That tells me Apple will always focus on improving battery life. They've made some strides since 2.0, but if you're a really heavy data user, you'll still drag the battery down to near nothing in half a day to a day.
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    No one knows what the highest speed is. As with other iPhone myths, this one was a guess that has turned into "fact".

    Once it was found that it had an ARM cpu, someone apparently downloaded and looked at this Samsung spec sheet. At the bottom, it has listed some possible manufacturing results.

    Frequency* (MHz) 620 to 320
    Power with cache† (mW/MHz) 0.45 to 0.25

    In other words, you can have one built that is optimized for speed. It can go 620MHz, but uses 144mA at 320MHz at 1v.

    Or you can have the chip optimized for size and power. It can only go 320MHz, but only uses 80mA. That's almost half.

    (It's possible that a chip is built in between. It's pretty common to see ones made for 335 MHz up to 528 MHz. One guess as to how Apple almost doubled their battery specs from announcement in Jan 2007 to sales launch in Jul 2007, is that they opt'd for a slower cpu.)
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    Im satisfied with the procesor but not the storage
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