iPhone prompts to enter unknown password (Only when updating apps, not when purchasing)

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    Jul 1, 2015

    Short-story: Today out of the blue I was prompted to enter the password to an iCloud account that I've never seen before when trying to update some apps on my unlocked iPhone 4 running OS 7.1.2 (only when updating apps, not when downloading new apps).

    Long-story: I bought a used, unlocked, GSM iPhone from a friend (I don't know where she obtained it) in Europe last year to use while traveling overseas. No problems. Entered an Apple ID just for this phone and used it for a year with no problems. I came back to the US recently and turned on this iPhone for the first time, connected to secure wireless internet connection. For this year I had been using an AppleID just for that phone (didn't purchase any apps or music with it as the phone was really just for phone/maps/internet). I decided that I wanted to change the Apple ID to be the same as the one I use on my American iPhone so that I could download onto the European iPhone some apps I had purchased. So I logged out of the iTunes store and logged back in with my "American" Apple ID. When I tried to update some of the apps already on the European iPhone I was prompted to enter the password for a strange iCloud account that I've never seen before. I checked in the settings to make sure that my Apple ID was used for both the iTunes Store and iCloud (I signed in and out of both and did a hard reset). This didn't work. Also, when looking in my Music app I found a ton of undownloaded music, which I assume belongs to whoever has the mystery iCloud account. This puzzles me because the Apple ID that I signed in with is the same one that I use on my American phone and this has never been an issue.

    I did some googling and found that some people have had similar problems when they've recently restored or synced their iPhones when connecting them to a computer. My iPhone hasn't touched a computer in months. In these other scenarios users have found that music from iTunes was downloaded by other users and those Apple IDs were what were popping up asking for passwords (in those cases deleting the offending music/apps solved the problem) - on the very off chance, I checked all of my music and anything downloaded was downloaded by me.

    Just to clarify - this strange iCloud account is popping up ONLY when I try to update apps already on the phone. If I want to download new apps, this isn't a problem or if I want to download apps that I purchased using my Apple ID for my American phone phone, which to me makes the situation all the more bizarre. So an awkward work around is that I guess whenever I want to update an app, I can delete it from the phone and then download it again, but I'd prefer to have the phone working normally as it was.

    If the phone is suddenly "remembering" the log-in of a previous owner I'm a bit hesitant to try to restore it as I have no way of tracking this person down and am worried I'll end up with a phone that doesn't work at all.

    The phone has been a bit more sluggish than usual, but I'm not sure if this is related.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Oct 17, 2011
    Sounds like at least one of the apps that's getting an update was originally obtained using another Apple ID and that is the ID it's asking about when trying to update. You can try to update each app individually to find the one(s) that are from another account.

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