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    Jan 20, 2008
    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some advice and/or direction of how to deal with my issue.

    I was an original iPhone owner, got it on day 1 last year and in May I dropped it in water and didn't get any relief from apple or at&t so i've been using a blackberry since. After the 3G was announced, I was told by At&t that since I was an original iphone owner, I would receive the subsidized price for the new one. Times have been rough financially and I haven't kept up on payments and was suspended twice. Before the second time I was suspended, I went into the At&t store near my house with a voice mail issue and while I was there I asked the guy if I was still eligible for the subsidiy because I planned on purchasing the new iPhone very shortly. He told me NO and the reason why was because I had a blackberry on my account now. Turns out he just made this up. It was because I was behind on my payment. I did as much as I could at the time to get up to date and eventually I did. I found out the real reason my discount was wiped when I called customer care a few days ago. I told them the full story, how if the guy at At&t would have told me the real reason my discount was on hold that I would have done more so I could get the iphone for the subsidized price. All the guy could do (he was supposedly a manager) was offer me the discounts on any other device other than the iphone, and that there was no way he could put back on my eligibility for the iphone sub. He did say that, although very rare, a store employee can override the system and give it to me. Hopefully I was clear with what's going on. Basically, I understand why I no longer am being offered the subsidy, but feel as though I was mistreated and pretty much lied to because the employee was either lazy or didn't care. As much as I've paid AT&T since I started with them, they should give me a free damn iphone, but all I want is to get it for the $200/$300 price tag.

    Any recommendations?
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    Jan 20, 2008
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    Buy it at Best Buy or an Apple Store then set it up on iTunes using the number you had with your classic.

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