Iphone purchase receipts and Info sent to wrong email!.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by T0XIC, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Apr 8, 2009
    Hi, ill try to make this as brief as possible.

    I been trying to seek help at the apple retail store i purchased my iphones (NYC UPPER WEST SIDE).

    - I purchased my iphones on the 24th and went through the whole process and everything. The rep told me to wright down my email address so that i can receive a copy of my receipts. I have yet to receive any copies. As i evaluate the live copy i currently have i suddenly realize the receipts were sent to the wrong email!. The same day i started receiving Spam calls from someone pretending to be an apple store employee who knew my name, address phone number and my iphones SR#s and wanted me to verify that information so i can receive a $500 gift card. As a New Yorker i quickly knew it was B.S. but was surprised as how this person has all this information.
    I called the apple retail store the next day (today around 10:30am EST) and told the rep about my receipts being sent to the wrong email and he asked me for my CC# so he can look up my account, i was surprise and since its the actual retail store i ended up giving him the CC#. He later asked me for the my Email address and proceeded to tell me that i would receive the emails shortly. I then told him about my Spam problem and how i know it was related to the receipts being sent to the wrong email, he told me he would speak to the manager about it and placed me on hold, he came back around 6 mins later and told me i would receive a call later today from apple resources in regards to the spam ordeal.

    Flash forward-

    (6:45 pm EST) no Calls no emails. I called again. A rep picked up and i proceedd to tell him the whole story. He proceeds to ask me for my iphones SR#s and told me that the last rep taking my CC# was wrong! and wasn't part of procedure!, he told me he would leave a note so i can receive my call. I had to remind him about taking my Email address so i can receive my receipts. He hung up quickly so i had no time to request a conversation with someone higher.

    I then called apple-care so they can transfer me to someone who can help but they said there was nothing the could do and that i have to go to the apple retail store.

    This is really frustrating. My CC is currently suspended just in case somethings funny.:mad:

    Do you guys have any suggestions?
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    Jun 19, 2010
    Have you gone to the store to talk to someone in person?

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